What do we need? So we need an Arduino board that we can program on. There are various types of Arduino boards from simple one to complex one. Check out all available boards at https://store.arduino.cc/usa/.

Don’t get confused with all those boards. We will start with a simple board called the Arduino Uno. It is the perfect board for beginners to learn all the basics about Arduino and getting prepared for more complex projects. This is what the Arduino Uno board looks like.

(The image above is taken from Arduino’s official website)

Along with the Arduino board, you will need jumper cables, resistors, transistors, breadboard, simple LEDs, RGB LEDs, diode, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, etc. Don’t get confused with all of these components. We will learn and use each of these components in various projects in my upcoming blogs. Instead of buying all of these components separately, I would recommend to buy a kit containing all basic components to get started with the Arduino. I bought mine from eBay. Just search for the Arduino Uno kit in eBay and you will find a ton of sellers selling them. It looks something like this.

(The image above is taken from the eBay website)

The last thing we need is an IDE to write our program. Download and install an Arduino IDE from Arduino’s official website. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It makes it easy to write code/program and upload that program on the Arduino Board.


That’s all we need to write our first program. Stay tuned for my next blog to write first Arduino project to make an LED blink.

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